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FLEXi X kit

FLEXi X kit


Expand your lighting capabilities with the Flexi-X Kit. It builds upon the Flexi Kit with an additional 225mm Gooseneck for extended reach and a versatile Dyno Jaw Clamp for diverse mounting possibilities.

- *Extra 225mm Gooseneck:* Enhances reach and flexibility.
- *Dyno Jaw Clamp:* Allows for versatile attachment to a variety of surfaces.


- *EYE-LIGHT:* 1000 lumen, battery rechargeable work light providing daylight-quality lighting.
- *270mm Gooseneck:* Flexible and adjustable for precise lighting positioning.
- *66mm Rubberized Magnet:* Ensures a strong hold on metal surfaces.
- *Small H-Stand:* Offers a stable base for standalone use.

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