About us

Our products are not just lights; they're solutions, designed to make your life easier, brighter, and better.

GloForce was founded back in 2015 by Guy Carver. Guy noticed a problem - plumbers, electricians, mechanics, all working in awkwardly lit spaces, holding a torch with one hand and Struggling to work with the other. He knew there had to be a solution, a way to bring light to even the most challenging corners. And that's when GloForce was born.

Our signature product, the EYE-LIGHT, revolutionised the way professionals work. Equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery and a series of modular add-ons, it allows users to shine light exactly where they need it.

The magic of GloForce isn't confined to trades and garages though! We realised everyone, from craft enthusiasts to DIY hobbyists, struggles with lighting.

Whether you're into quilting, fine-tuning a model, engrossed in woodworking, or just enjoying a good book, the GloForce EYE-LIGHT is your partner. Our suite of modular accessories, including diverse clamps and additional goosenecks, allows you to customise your lighting setup, fitting any and every setting you can envision.

GloForce is not just about lighting; it's about convenience. To augment your experience, we've incorporated holders for your phones and tablets, and recently launched our MAGNIFY range of magnifying glass as Our modular system enables you to seamlessly integrate these add-ons, creating a single compreher sive kit that caters to all your needs.

Pick a kit or make up your own kit from the components overleaf.

You'll find it's more than just a light -

it's a game-changer