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BOND PLUS (Fixed magnetic gooseneck)

BOND PLUS (Fixed magnetic gooseneck)


The foundational EYE-LIGHT BOND PLUS Kit from GloForce is specifically designed for trade use, setting itself apart from the FLEXi range with its fixed gooseneck design. This kit features the EYE-LIGHT, known for its daylight-quality illumination, and includes a permanently attached 270mm Gooseneck to a sturdy 66mm Rubberized Magnet, ensuring stable and secure positioning. The kit is completed with a convenient H-Stand for standalone applications.


• EYE-LIGHT: A 1000-lumen, battery-rechargeable work light offering daylight-quality lighting.
• 270mm Fixed Gooseneck: Permanently attached to the magnet for stable and precise positioning.
• 66mm Rubberized Magnet: Provides a strong 20kg hold on metal surfaces, enhancing the fixture’s stability.
• Small H-Stand: Ideal for standalone use.
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