Stable and Dependable Lighting Solutions

The EYE-LIGHT BOND range, available in PLUS and PRO versions, offers fixed lighting solutions specifically designed for professional use. These kits are ideal for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and DIY tasks.


Fixed Design: The goosenecks and magnets are permanently attached for added stability.
• PLUS Version: Provides a fixed 270mm length, ideal for close-up tasks.
• PRO Version: Features a longer, stronger 450mm gooseneck, a more powerful 40kg pull magnet, and a larger metal base. It can be extended by attaching an additional gooseneck to the top.

Advantages & Limitations:

• Steady Illumination: Ensures the light remains secure and stable during use.
• Professionally Designed: Tailored for use in environments where stable and reliable lighting is crucial.

• Compatibility: These kits are not compatible with many components of the FLEXi range.

EYE-LIGHT BOND kits deliver reliable and focused lighting, perfect for tasks that require consistent and dependable illumination.